North Branford’s Economic Development Commission

invites you to its

Quarterly Breakfast Business Exchange

Hosted by Honeywell at their Northford plant

September 23rd at 8.30 a.m.

Location: 12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT 06472.  No RSVP required.

All meeting participants will be required to wear a mask and social

distance unless they show proof of vaccination.

Ever wondered what does Honeywell make and how they managed operations and increased product lines assembled in Northford during the pandemic?  

Come meet our hosts, the largest employer in North Branford, including Steven Seehusen, Senior Site Director – Northford Plant and colleagues at Honeywell

Ever wondered how Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) could help with providing expertise on the application of advanced manufacturing processes? 

CCAT is integral to Connecticut’s business community, whether it’s helping small startups or advancing the manufacturing workforce in the state. CCAT provides centralized Community funding opportunities and ”common” resources that will reinvest in workers and small businesses. This is your opportunity to learn about Community funding opportunities and technologies that can increase productivity. Come hear from Dr Jackie Garofano, Chief Technology Officer of CCAT and learn more about how CCAT could help your business.

Ever wondered how AdvanceCT works with a variety of audiences, including local and global businesses, municipal and regional entities, state agencies, nonprofits, utilities – and generally, groups that are helping to improve Connecticut’s economic competitiveness and make the state a better place to live, work and do business.

AdvanceCT strives to build a place where business, government, higher education and nonprofits come together to implement high impact and inclusive economic development solutions to advance overall competitiveness in Connecticut. “Work with us to… Grow Your Business Make Informed Decisions Find Location Opportunities Build Local Economy”.  Come meet Courtney Hendricson, Vice President of Partnerships of AdvanceCT and hear about exciting new initiatives from AdvanceCT

Ever wondered what are the educational development plans of the S-W CT Regional Workforce Partnership?  

Come hear from Marcia LaFemina, Co-Chair of the Regional Partnership and President & CEO of PennGlobe, a North Branford technology based  manufacturer. In addition, Eileen Candels, Advanced Technology Outreach Coordinator of CCAT, will share details of the new State workforce development program, Rev-Up!, a wage subsidy and training program for CT Manufacturers, targeted to help manufactures to hire the unemployed and underemployed who have been negatively impacted by COVID. 

All these great guest speakers offering insights into doing business in North Branford … see you there.. prompt start at 8.30 a.m. but get there early for light refreshments too!

Roger Salway

Economic Development Coordinator

Liz Caplan

Chair of Economic Development Commission